Although calluses and corns can be annoying, the truth is that they have an important role to play in protecting sensitive skin in the foot region.

Corns are usually to be found on the tops and sides of the foot. Smaller than calluses, corns appear as a small patch of thickened, dead skin with a defined central core. By contrast a callus on the foot is mainly caused by repeated pressure and friction, which leads to a build-up of thickened skin to protect the area involved.

Both conditions are mostly caused by ill-fitting shoes, with the condition often added to by a poor walking motion that places pressure on certain points within the foot. With the prevalence of high heeled shoes being worn by women, it’s hardly surprising that women are four times more likely to be afflicted by corns or calluses. And when it comes to men the wearing of shoes or sandals without socks increases the friction on the skin of the feet, further adding to the probability of developing a corn or callus.

Once diagnosed, your podiatrist can recommend simple treatments such as pads or pumice to reduce the size of the corn or callus. In more severe cases the preferred treatment may be regular shaving of skin from the corn or callus to prevent them from becoming too large. Left untreated large calluses can become cracked, leading to more serious problems with infection and the like.

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