Orthotic therapy is a managed podiatric treatment process that includes the use of both custom-made and pre-made orthotics for the insertion into a patient’s footwear.

Once placed in a shoe the orthotics provide support to the arches and foot. The purpose is to correct any biomechanical anomalies whilst also redistributing weight away from the painful area.
Orthotics are commonly used to treat foot pain, structural alignment and inflammatory conditions in the foot, such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis.

Custom made orthotics are prescribed for patients once a thorough diagnosis of the foot condition has been made.

Included in the evaluation is a biomechanical assessment that also involves a 3D scan of the foot whilst in a non-weight bearing position. The final scan is then sent off to the lab for the manufacture of the orthotics.

To complete the process an orthotic fitting consultation with your podiatrist is required. This will involve a discussion of the more appropriate shoe designs that will provide the best fit for your orthotics.

Once fitted you will need to allow a few days for your feet to adjust to the orthotics being in your shoes.

It is worth reviewing your orthotic requirements with your podiatrist annually.

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