As well all age it is not uncommon for people to experience a range of foot problems.

Geriatric health issues associated with the feet and lower legs occur quite frequently, and generally result from complications with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve issues and circulation disorders. Often it is the feet that provide the early clues that such conditions are prevalent in the body.

For those in their senior years the probability is high that they will require a foot care program. Foot health has a significant impact on the quality of life one can enjoy, as any foot problem that is not treated will most likely effect the level of activity that can be embraced.

When it comes to foot pain and discomfort a visit to a podiatrist for an initial assessment is the first step in the process. Taking into account a patient’s medical history and the foot/leg conditions that are presented your podiatrist can develop an ongoing treatment plan that will best assist in the resolution, or at least an improvement in your foot health.

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