Your foot is a much under-estimated architectural marvel…with 26 bones, 30 joints, 50 muscles and a network of ligaments, blood vessels and nerves it does deserve some respect.

The average person takes between 7000 & 10000 steps every day so early signs of foot or leg discomfort should not be ignored.

Due to work, family and fitness commitments, it is really hard to rest a sore foot so before you know it that little niggle has turned into a real speed bump. Many of our clients can be fixed and on their way after a 30-45 minute consultation but instead put up with painful conditions for months hoping it will go away…we encourage you not to fall into this trap.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients, for more information, click the links below…

Biomechanical Assessment

Diabetic Footcare

Flat Foot Correction

Foot Care For Children

Foot Care For Seniors

Joint Mobilisation

Orthotics – Custom Made

Routine Foot Care

Sports Injury Treatments

X-Ray Imaging