Caring for your feet on a regular basis is vital in maintaining healthy feet.

If you’re ever concerned about the health of your feet, then here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Are you experiencing any pain in your feet?
  • Do you have any skin or nail problems on your feet? Check for ingrown or discoloured toenails, corns, skin rashes, or areas of hardened skin.
  • Do you have any sores on your feet that are failing to heal?
  • Do you have any unpleasant foot odour?
  • Are you carrying any foot injury?
  • Do you have any health issues with diabetes or arthritis?
  • Do you have any numbness, tingling, or burning in your feet?
  • Do you experience poor circulation in your feet? This will usually appear as a pale, bluish or red colouration in the feet.
  • Do you have any lumps or bumps, bunions or misshapen toes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then a visit to Bentley Podiatry is recommended.

Your podiatrist can also provide a range of foot care solutions that will enhance the comfort you feel from your feet.

These include:

  • The cutting or removal of stubborn corns and calluses
  • The trimming, cutting, clipping, or debriding of toenails.
  • Massaging of the lower legs to improve circulation

For those suffering from a chronic disease such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral vascular disease or peripheral neuropathy then Bentley Podiatry strongly recommends an annual foot health check-up.

This comprehensive foot health check-up will cover off on the following:

  • Vascular assessment to ensure that your blood flow is within what is regarded as normal limits.
  • An assessment of the range of motion in your joints.
  • A test of your muscle strength.
  • A visual Gait analysis of your walking.
  • A review of your footwear to assess if this is contributing to any discomfort.
  • If orthotics are being used, then a review of their wear and shape.

Here at Bentley Podiatry we are always available to discuss and assist with your foot health and foot care issues.

Contact Bentley Podiatry today for more information.