All those sports people and athletes you’ve heard about being out of action with stress fractures and sprained ankles and torn Achilles’ tendons…that could be you.

Overuse injuries ( of which there are many) are painful, chronic and depressing to elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. Rest assured that early and accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive recovery and management program are available at an Active Podiatry Clinic. All our podiatrists maintain a continuing education program to keep them up to pace with latest management tools and techniques to get you back on track quickly. We offer the best advise and recovery worksheets that you can take home with you and are happy to liaise with your Doctor, Physiotherapist or other health professional to ensure the best possible outcome. Acute injuries need to be iced and rested early.

There are many factors that can cause foot and leg pain and injury. A critical factor is the way the foot and leg move. Podiatrists assess abnormalities in foot and leg movement, as well as techniques, surfaces and footwear when determining causes and treatment of foot and leg pain.

Sports podiatry involves the study of the impact that each different sport has on the foot and lower leg. Diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle, leg and knee injuries utilising a variety of different methods ranging from insoles, orthotics, footwear and exercises specific to each individual sport. We also offer treatments such as joint mobilisation, massage and trigger point therapy, advanced orthotic therapy, exercise, and footwear prescription. If needed we can also refer for ultrasounds, x-rays, and cortisone injections.

Injuries to the foot and lower limb make up a large proportion of sporting injuries.  Podiatrists are trained to examine the foot and lower limb and have an advanced knowledge of common sporting injuries including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, stress fractures, ankle sprains, shin splints, knee pain and metatarsalgia (Ball of the Foot Pain)

Sports & Biomechanics

A foot that does not function properly puts excessive strain on bones, ligaments and muscles, ultimately leading to pain and discomfort.

Our podiatrists will analyse the way an individual’s foot strikes the ground and evaluate the chain of motion of the major joints in the leg from the ground up. By analysing the way that you walk and run the sports podiatrist will evaluate whether or not there are any mechanical reasons that may be contributing to your injury

Gait Analysis is used to assess your gait pattern and lower limb alignment during walking and running gait. When we analyse your biomechanics we can predict the role of correct footwear and/or orthotics.

Diagnostic Scans and X-rays

In some cases your podiatrist may advise on further investigations for definitive diagnosis or to ascertain the integrity or damage of a specific structure. If required your Podiatrists can order X-rays and ultrasound, however we will often collaborate with your GP and/or a Sports Physician when a CT scan or MRI is warranted.

Treating Sports Conditions

Treatment regimes are dependant on the cause of the problem and the level of damage present.

Treatments may consist of Strapping, Braces, Massage, Orthotics, Joint Mobilisation, Trigger point therapy/dry needling, insoles, strengthening and stretching, alteration in training regime and more.

And don’t forget basics: RICE…Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation!

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